There's something about Erin :)

My mom taught me how to crochet when I was about 13. I wanted to make a blanket for my older brothers first child. Lets just say my dog got more out of it than my nephew. I didn't get much into crochet at that age. I got back into crocheting after my moms passing in 2011 of brain cancer. I started loom knitting mainly to make chemo caps . Soon after I started making things to sell. About 4 years I got back into crocheting. I have more patience for it now being 36. I absolutely love it. I love yarn and hooks and what I can make with them when the two combine.
Ive had a lot of success with the Cabbage Patch Kid Hat wigs. Being a child of the 80's I love how those somewhat ugly dolls have staying power. I love making the hats. At the beginning I said I didn't want to make hats, at all. But they seem to be very popular. more than any accessory. <3
I also create my own patterns. I have designed 3 chemo cap patterns for my chapter of Halos of Hope., Halos of Hope New England. This chapter means alot to me. I collect ( and make) caps and donate to over 20 centers in the 6 New England states.

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